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Only thing that's on my mind
is who's gonna run this town tonight
— Rihanna


Current state of ideas as of . No promises made that they are ever going to be implemented.

= Todo

=== Near term

* Automatic token refresh doesn't really work.
* Automated recurring segments discovery.
* Automated recurring leaderboard updates.
* Request throttling.
* Make segments discovery not repeat requests within same fetching session.
* https://werunthis.town/haninge URL routing.
* Understand why some athletes are not in the API data.

=== Not so near term

* Automated moderation of new areas.
* Precompile React templates.
* Purging.
* wrld.js?
* Geolocate to select area?
* Overview map of areas?
* Scoring system maybe weighted by competition.

= Recently done

* Move from Spectre to Mustard UI for hopefully nicer mobile version.

I've also done these:

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